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Niall McLeod Waldman, author of SPELLING DEAREST, History Of English Spelling


Niall McLeod Waldman




Niall McLeod Waldman was born and educated in Glasgow, Scotland. In 1974, he immigrated with his family to North America. He is married with three grown children and two growing grandchildren. As a long-time parent and homework-helper, he has struggled to answer his and other children's questions about why spelling is so complex. This book is his response to these never-ending inquiries.


Spelling Dearest is the author's first book. His lengthy association with literacy and simplified-spelling organizations, coupled with ten years of research, prepared him well for this subject. Niall is an active member of the American Literacy Council and the Spelling Society.


The skillfully illustrated pen and ink sketches found throughout this book were created by the author. His artwork has been featured in many publications, and appears in public and private collections around the world.



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